Canada's Nation Builders

Sponsored By: Galerie Q

Canada Nation

Portrait Series of Canada’s Prime Ministers.

“The Nation Builders” is a unique and enlightening portrait series of Canada’s Prime Ministers. Each painting reveals, through symbol and illustration, each Prime Minister’s expansive vision, accomplishments, and sheer determination to forge and unite this vast country.

This series features 12 portraits of Prime Ministers who earned the title of Nation Builder.

Collector's Book

“This book is a celebration of Canada’s Prime Ministers whose dedication and service to Canada gave shape to our way of life and the place we call home.”
Founder, Galerie Q

Canada’s 150th Birthday is an ideal opportunity to honour these Prime Ministers. Their portraits are published in an exclusive hardcover Collector’s Volume and will include, in both English and French, a biography of each Prime Minister whose portrait graces the book.

“The Nation Builders” will be available online and in major bookstores by the winter of 2017.
Canada Nation Builders